At Big Sky Dog Training, we emphasize communication skills, positive reinforcement and rewards-based training for our canine family members. Learning how to communicate with your dog allows you to correctly socialize him, keep him from being destructive and fix those annoying habits. We help you create a happy, willing, fun and enthusiastic companion dog by combining humane corrections and a combinations of these Five Basic Rewards:

  • Touch, Petting & Loving
  • Verbal Praise
  • Food Treats
  • Loose Leash
  • Toys & Play Time

Our training programs go beyond the mechanics of obedience commands and provides a safe and effective program that teaches you how to train and care for your dog utilizing leadership skills with an understanding of animal behavior, developmental stages and genetics. This type of dog training program helps you learn how to develop an optimum relationship with your dog. This relationship allows your dog to see you as a safe, strong, dependable, fair and consistent leader that your dog wants to obey.