"Thanks for everything, Montana.
The training you gave us was super helpful. Petunia is walking on the leash and making great strides all around. We are grateful! Jon is calling you the dog whisperer!"

— Denise

"Montana is the trainer you want for your dog! I currently have my dog enrolled in one of her group classes. The class is great for training and much needed socialization for my dog. After being in the class for about 10 minutes Montana had already identified her special needs. . . . I've been to 4 classes already and my dogs' listening and focus has improved greatly. I really look forward to class every week and so does my dog. If you're looking for a good trainer I highly recommend Montana."
— Jenny R., Glenview

"Montana is the absolute best, she has a gentle touch and gives advice on all manner of dog care. Thank you, Montana, for everything!"
— Danielle N.

"Your suggestion about medication and prong collar were very good. The collar probably helped more, but whatever it was together with pills made a difference. She got much calmer and more manegable. After 2 months we had a different dog. It was great. By the way, I really enjoy reading your newsletters in emails. Very informative, smart, intellegent, just great and helpful read. Thanks."
— Dmitry D.

"Montana is a terrific trainer and a very compassionate person. Our recently acquired 3 yr. old Bernese Mountain Dog was emotionally deprived in his former home and, although house trained and crate trained, had never been a pet. He was reclusive, shy and clearly had no idea of how to be part of a family. With Montana's help, he easily acquired basic commands and is starting to be comfortable in his new environment. Montana also took my husbands' physical problems into consideration as we worked together. Last, but not least, it became very clear that Montana takes the people, as well the dog, into consideration during the training time. It was important to her that I could handle the dog in a manner that was best for both of us, rather than insist on doing things that were just not going to work. She gave me "permission" to trust my instincts and THAT'S what worked for us."
— Kalee G.

"We thought the dog training class was a great base for our goldendoodle Oliver. Montana clearly demonstrated each training step, but also asked for feedback if anyone was having issues in order to customize the class so we got the most out of it. She has obviously worked with many dogs, understands dog psychology, and offered many tips and tricks throughout the classes. The reward based system is great too - perfect for small or gentle dogs, or for any dog for that matter. The class size is small so there is an opportunity for personal attention from Montana but also a good opportunity for the dogs to socialize. I think part of training has to be how the dogs interact with each other and general distractions, so this training class was perfect in every way. . . . Overall, this class is worth the investment in your dog!"
— Erin B., Niles

"Our family cannot begin to tell you how incredibly impressed we were with your handling and assessment of our dog JAX. Your unflinching demeanor, control and loving discipline is remarkable! It's no wonder animals are drawn to you ... and pet owners too! Thank you, thank you! P.S. What a treat to meet your dog "Bear" too! What a fine dog and a true testament to a happy dog!"
— The Kiefer Family

"My twelve weeks old Labradoodle Jessie had so much energy that it was hard to handle, especially in the evenings when my husband and I wanted to have some quiet time. Biting was another problem: Jessie did not only bite and chew on everything she could get, she loved to bite our hands, skin and pants, too. Montana visited us and from the moment she interacted with Jessie (let´s just say "dog whisperer"), Jessie became the dog we were praying for: calm, relaxed and easy to touch without biting. She also stayed in her crate without any whining which never happened before. It seems easy to get advice from dog training books, but it makes a huge difference seeing a good trainer perfectly interacting with a dog. Montana showed us how to train Jessie the right way, so that she understands our commands. I was extremely impressed with Montana´s visit and can highly recommend her skills. Big thanks!"
— Angela N., Prospect Heights

"It's been a little over a year since we got Jewel, and she is doing great. She has become such a wonderful addition to our family, and has calmed down...well, calmed down a little. She is obedient, happy, LOVES to go in her crate, and has even become more affectionate. I still use everything you taught me, and try to keep up with little bits of training every day. She has shown that she can obey but still have fun. We try to have play dates as much as possible, and take her to get exercise at the park as often as we can. Thanks again for everything you did for us last year, I think that's why we have such a healthy and happy dog today. All the best."
— Alison P.