Do you have a dog or puppy who...

Needs some concentrated positive and reward based training? Big Sky Dog Training will initially meet with you to discuss and evaluate specific undesirable behaviors you want to modify or eliminate. We will work on improving their responsiveness to commands and getting them to listen the first time. Then we can mutually decide on a board and train program (how many days/week and for how many weeks).

Home-Based Board and Train - Dog Stays at Own Home - Private Training Sessions

Our Home-Based Board and Train Program allows your dog or puppy to stay with you at home and have scheduled training sessions. After we meet at the first lesson/evaluation ($125), we will set up the days and times that you want me to come over and work with you and your dog or puppy. If you would prefer for me to just work with your dog or puppy, that can be arranged; however, I do want the family to periodically be involved in the training program.

The board-and-train-program training sessions are intended to follow up on the work identified at the initial training session. We continue to work with you to help fix the specific problems you want addressed and practice the must-have behaviors for a well-mannered companion dog. Homework is reviewed and evaluated. Questions are answered. New problems are addressed. New homework will be given. Our responsibility will be to educate and demonstrate appropriate ways to handle your current issues, along with strategies for circumventing potential trouble. Subsequent training sessions are $80/session, if paid in advance.

Save money by paying for sessions in advance.

For more information or to schedule a board/train program:email Montana or call her at 847.997.4707.

Please fill out and bring along the Board and Train Intake Form.