Big Sky Dog Training is happy to evaluate the dog or puppy you are thinking of adopting or purchasing.

Pre-Adoption/Purchase Evaluation. We will meet with you at your residence, breeder or adoption facility to help you evaluate a dog or puppy for its strengths, weaknesses, abilities and potentials.

Temperament Testing. Big Sky's owner and trainer Montana C. Hayes has designed a battery of tests aimed at evaluating dogs and puppies' temperaments and general behavior. See our Temperament Testing page for complete details.

Behavior and aptitude assessments also allow for a custom training program, whether you are in our group classes, taking private lessons. You, of course, can request evaluations in any other area, keeping in mind that no test can guarantee a dog's behavior over a lifetime.

See price list for current pricing.

For more information or to schedule a class or session:email Montana or call her at 847.997.4707.