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Your whole family is welcome to join experienced, professional trainer Montana C. Hayes and Big Sky Dog Training at any of our popular group dog training programs.

We provide a safe and effective reward-based training program that teaches you how to train and care for your dog using leadership skills based on an understanding of canine behavior, developmental stages, and genetics. Montana's dog training program helps you learn how to develop an optimum relationship with your dog—a relationship that allows your dog to see you as a safe, strong, dependable, fair, and consistent leader that your dog wants to obey and please.

This program is designed for puppies and dogs of all ages who would benefit from individual training and behavior modification before they start class or private lessons. Training is geared to take care of all those annoying puppy habits and get him or her listening, coming, housebroken, stop chewing on you, etc. At times these puppies can't join a class yet because of their age, lack of vaccinations, major behavior problems or special needs, or you just prefer to set up private sessions. With our Puppy Head Start training program, we can focus on helping you in a one-on-one setting.

Montana will come to your home and work with you, your family, and your puppy or dog on your immediate needs. This is a great program for people who have never owned a dog or puppy, or it is been a long time since their last puppy. We will work on house breaking, nipping, aggressive or dominate behavior, jumping on people...all the common (and uncommon) behaviors that you are dealing with. We will make sure your home is set up with food, treats, toys and an exercise program that is appropriate and help you get started in the right direction. The lesson is 90 minutes long and includes Big Sky's training manual and a goody bag.

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For more information or to schedule a class or session:email Montana or call her at 847.997.4707.

Reward-based training classes and lessons cover, but are not limited to the following:

  • Attention and focus exercises: watch me / get dog's attention / eye contact
  • Manners at home and out and about
  • Socialization with people and dogs
  • Collar, leash and training equipment
  • Problem behavior solving and quiet exercises
  • Distance and distraction exercises
  • Grooming, health and nutrition
  • Importance of play in training
  • Come/recall game
  • Nose to nose sit, "look at me" and reward.
  • Down (drop) and down/stay
  • Loose leash heeling
  • Leave it / Drop it
  • Sit and sit/stay
  • Automatic sit – dog will automatically sit during heeling when the owner stops moving
  • Distance and boundary exercises
  • Release command
  • Time outs
  • Mediation of problem behaviors
  • Housebreaking
  • Wait commands, doors, cars, stairs, etc.
  • Go to commands; bed, crate, car, etc.
  • Chase game – have your dog chase you (with come command)
  • Desensitizing to stressful things
  • Puppy/dog come and sit (puppy come and back around a corner with lead)
  • Boundary training
  • Puppy/Dog come (from another room in house) no lead
  • Down and side-sit commands
  • Loose leash walking/standing/sitting with attention & focus
  • Leash corrections – using half-halts
  • Front and side sit/stay (increase time gradually)
  • Down and down stay (increase time gradually)
  • Target and Touch to a reverse loose leash heal, reward
  • Distractions – simple to complex
  • Focus and re-focus with arm/treat extension exercise
  • Come, sit/stay 6 ft. leash – food/toy/another dog distractions
  • Down/stay 6 ft. leash – food/toy/another dog distractions
  • Touch and recall to a reverse loose leash heal, reward
  • Long line recall exercises
  • Stay (2-5 minutes)
  • Down Stay (1-5 minutes)
  • Distracted Recall
  • Wait boundary-training -2 min each
  • Work on your dog's weaknesses
  • Grooming Techniques
  • Among other exercises specific to your dog