Big Sky's owner and principal trainer Montana C. Hayes has designed a battery of tests aimed at evaluating the temperaments and general behavior of dogs and puppies. Our evaluation areas are compiled from several highly respected, professional sources. The following list contains some of the areas evaluated:

  • Meeting a neutral stranger
  • Petting body (head to tail)
  • Response to commands and previous training
  • Personality (soft, hard, dominate, submissive, fearful, etc.)
  • Hidden noise / loud noise / high-pitched squeaky voice
  • Sudden potential threat
  • Reaction to different footing
  • Recognizing potential threat
  • Response to wildlife and other animals (dogs, cats, etc.)
  • Testing prey drive
  • Reaction to the outside, cars, people, traffic, shopping
  • Guarding food, toys
  • Identifying motivational drive
  • Response to small children

Behavior and aptitude assessments also allow for a custom training program, whether you are in our group classes or taking private lessons. You can request evaluations in any area, keeping in mind that no test can guarantee a dog's behavior over a lifetime.

See price list for current pricing.

For more information or to schedule a class or session:email Montana or call her at 847.997.4707.