First Class

  • For your first group class, fill out the Initial Questionnaire Form and bring to the class, along with a copy of your dog's or puppy's vaccination records. Dogs and puppies must be on flea, tick and heartworm medications, if age-appropriate.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early on the first day of class to complete the registration, documentation, and payment.

All Classes

  • Bring a positive attitude.
  • Bring a fairly hungry dog. Please do not feed your dog right before the class or feed ½ quantity.
  • Bring a collar with ID tag to every class.
  • Bring head collars, harnesses, and martingale collars are acceptable in class. No choke chain collars will be used in training class.
  • Bring soft treats that can be broken into small pieces. (Zuke's Mini Naturals is a great brand; it breaks easily and comes in different flavors.) Bring treats to first and every class. Pockets or a bait bag is recommended.
  • Bring bags to clean up after your dog; other clean-up materials provided at class.
  • Bring a toy or ball your dog likes to all classes.
  • Bring a 6' and 20' flat leash to each class - expandable leads will not work.
  • After the 1st class, bring your dog bowl and a cup of your dog food.
  • After the 2nd class, bring your dog bed, mat, or rug. If your dog bed is too big, just bring a mat, rug, or large towel.
  • Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and tennis or regular shoes, but no sandals, heels, or flip-flops.

VERY IMPORTANT...Please do not feed your dog right before the class, or feed ½ quantities.