At Big Sky Dog Training, our mission is to create an environment where you and your dog are learning together in a positive and fun environment.

Big Sky Dog Training goes beyond the mechanics of obedience commands. We strive to provide a safe, effective, high-quality, reward-based training program. Our program helps you develop an optimum relationship with your dog, which enables your dog to understand that you are a safe, strong, dependable, fair and consistent leader your dog wants to obey.

Does your dog . . .

  • Jump on people or furniture?
  • Bark too much?
  • Pull when on the leash?
  • Bite or nip you?
  • Chew on household items?
  • Have aggression problems?
  • Have housebreaking problems?
  • Need more socialization?
  • Have separation anxiety?

This is a partial list of items we work on with you, depending on your dog's individual needs.

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Meet Montana

Montana C. Hayes has more than 32 years of experience as a professional dog trainer. Over the years, she has evaluated dogs for animal shelters, animal control agencies, and veterinarians and has instructed private and group classes for individuals and families. Her extensive exposure to all types of dog breeds and all different canine temperaments has greatly contributed to her success as a trainer.
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