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Group Class services

Puppy Obedience Class


  • 6 Week Class
  • Puppy's 12 weeks & Older
  • We cover attention, focus, touch command, marker word, come, sit, down, stay,  waiting at door. begin going to your place/bed, wait at door, etc.  

Basic+ Obedience Class


  • 6 Week Class
  • Dogs 5 months old & older
  • We cover attention, focus, distance recall, leave it, drop it, auto sit, go to place, loose leash walking and other obedience skills and the introduction of Intermediate Obedience skills including introduction to CGC Test.  

Intermediate Obedience Class


  • 6 Week Class
  • Pre-requisites needed: puppy or basic class.
  • Must know sit/stay, down/stay, stand and recall.  Will continue to work on distance recalls with distractions. automatic sits, loose to no leash walking, leave it, drop it, walking in figures and healing. 

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Private In-Home Dog Training

We will come to your home (or location of your choosing) for a private 1.5 hour initial lesson to meet you, evaluate and train your dog or puppy. Big Sky Dog Training has been contacted and our training methods have been successful where other trainers have failed to get positive results.


Our Initial Training Session is intended as a working session. First, we evaluate and review you and your dog's or puppy's needs and objectives. Prior to the first session, we ask the owner to make out a list of areas they want to work on, be evaluated, or be fixed. This includes behavior, nutrition, health and house manners. Our responsibility will be to educate and demonstrate appropriate ways to handle your current problems, along with circumventing potential troubles.

Whether you have a puppy with puppy behaviors, or an adult dog with specific behavior problems you want addressed and fixed, we go over the must-have behaviors for a well-mannered companion dog. We anticipate that dogs and owners will be at different levels of training and have different behavior issues. It's not just the dog who learns—it is you and your whole family.

No minimum number of lessons are required. We work at your needs.

The dog's or puppy's age is usually 10 weeks or older.

Puppy Head-Start Program

We will come to your home (or location of your choosing) for a private 1.5 hour initial lesson to meet you and evaluate your puppy's training needs.This lesson includes training specializing in all the important aspects of puppy training, which includes; housebreaking, nipping/biting, jumping, chewing on household items, crate training, pulling on leash, separation anxiety, etc.

No minimum number of lessons are required. 

The puppy's age is usually 6 months or younger, but there is no age restriction.

Board and Train Program

Our Board and Train Program is unique in the fact that;

1. It is in a home, not a kennel, day care facility or other commercial facility.

2. Only one dog/puppy will be boarded at a time. this will hopefully eliminate your dog from catching an illness, like kennel cough, etc.

3. Your dog/puppy will be given one-on-one personalized goal based training throughout the day, not just one hour of training and then put back into a crate.

4. Your dog will have the freedom to roam the house.

5. We will try and replicate your dog's home life here, in my home.

6. Training will also include solving Behavior Problems.

Equipment Consulting and Shopping

Have Montana, at Big Sky Dog Training help you shop for your new dog or puppy. We provide a shopping list, know the best places to shop, where the deals are, and how to save money. We call ourselves the Consignee Dog Trainer, this is one of the reasons why.

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Adoption Evaluation

Again, have Montana, at Big Sky Dog Training help you find your new puppy or dog. Whether you want to adopt or you decided to purchase a puppy or dog. She will review your wants and needs and perform an assessment of every dog you are interested in and match you & your family to the perfect dog/puppy. Temperament tests are available upon request.