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About Big Sky Dog Training

Concierge Dog Training


So what does "Concierge Dog Training" mean? It means that you have a trainer who can schedule same day appointments. Who knows all the great places to shop for dog products, and for a bargain price. A trainer who is supportive and compassionate who is just a phone call away. All for reasonable prices.

At Big Sky Dog Training, our mission is to create an environment where you and your dog are learning together in a positive and fun environment.

Big Sky Dog Training goes beyond the mechanics of obedience commands. We strive to provide a safe, effective, high-quality, reward-based training program. Our program helps you develop an optimum relationship with your dog, which enables your dog to understand that you are a safe, strong, dependable, fair and consistent leader your dog wants to obey.

Reliable and Trustworthy Trainer


Montana Hayes and Big Sky Dog training have been in business for over 30 years. The experience she has gathered throughout the years allows her to train with more efficiency and confidence. Where most trainers ask you to sign up for multiple lessons and can drag out training. Big Sky and Montana just set up enough lessons to get your objectives met.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We can guarantee that your issues will be addressed. That your puppy or dog will be trained with reward-based training techniques. That you will receive support documentation on the issues you are working on. That you will receive a compassionate trainer to help you train your dog or puppy.