Your Guide to a Happier, Healthier Dog

How to Walk The Excited Dog – Five Things to Dog Before You Head Out the Door

You contemplate taking your dog for a walk with mixed emotions. You love the idea of going for a stroll

Big Sky Course Curriculum

Group dog meet and greet on lead – Each Class, Check Equipmen, Target Touch Game, Marker Word discussion, Types of

Teaching A Puppy or Dog To Stay

Often, teaching a dog to stay in one spot is critical to his safety and might be used in combination

Demonstrate Leadership…Don’t Be A Dominant Alpha Or Yeller

Let’s throw away the saying, “I have to be the Alpha of the pack.” First of all, when you bring

Fear Based Aggressions

Aggression is defined as growling, barking aggressively, snarling (showing teeth), lunging, “nipping” with bruising or serious biting with punctures.
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